There are days, like today, where I feel


There are days, like today, where I feel like an outsider in my life. I have a wonderful Dragon that I feel completely at home with yet around everyone else I feel like I just don’t belong. 

People make plans and they tell me about them afterwards. People tend to befriend me and pull away after I give all that I am around them. People tend to shy away from me. 

I feel that I am not of this plane and that I “weird” people out some times. I just don’t understand it at all. Frankly it has become even more apparent and happens more often than it used to. 

Maybe I am growing into my otherness. I just wish that I knew why this keeps happening.




I went home this weekend. Home is Asheville, NC. It is where I was born and my soul lies in the mountains I grew up hiking in. 

It is always bittersweet when I have to leave there. I feel as if I never get to spend enough time there. Always wanted to do more and see more people. I feel I don’t get to see my dad enough or my grandmother. 

I want to hike and play in the woods and water the next time I am home. I think that I am going to make this a requirement. I need to be in the cold water and baptize myself in the feeling of home and magic. 

I have been feeling the need to make


I have been feeling the need to make things with my hand. Welding, book making, baking, wood working, pottery, something. 

I feel that I need to make a Day of the Dead altar for Euphoria (A local burn). I feel that it just needs to be done. A place to honor all those we have lost. I will look at ideas tomorrow and try to come up with some things. 


Today the weather has been amazing and a


Today the weather has been amazing and a let down. Sadly 60 in May is not what I wanted to wake up to today. Tomorrow should be better. 86 degrees and sunny. There may even be a trip to the river involved. 

The river. A place to wash away your past and renew your look on life. 

A start…


Here goes.

I am doing my best to write more. This should be a place for my brain dumps and other ideas. I have stories to tell and rituals to describe. Hopefully, this will become a wonderful place. If not, I am truly sorry.